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1 PETER 1:13 – 2:3 – The Good Life

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Recording from Selkirk Street Evangelical Church 1993

Some notes…

Our Christianity is nothing if it is not practical: What you & I believe and know must effect the way we order our lives.
What good is it to know this and that and the other thing, all about God and His ways and His will if it does not issue in what we are calling a good life.

In Holy Scripture, doctrine, or the knowledge of God, is intimately connected with practice or the living or lives. They go together, the go hand in hand. You’ll find that the great affirmations of the faith in scripture, just run into practice. And wherever there are practical demands on people, they find their firm foundation in the Doctrines of God.

Example: in Ephesians, there are 6 chapters – the first three are all doctrinal. Then four, five and six are all practical. 1 Peter contains the same kind of characteristic, only what Peter does is in his letter is: he gives us a block of doctrine, … and then a bit practice, and then another bit of doctrine, and then another bit of practice. So you see, the things we know and believe are intimately connected with the kind of people we are and the kind of things we do. This is a practical passage – following a common pattern in the epistles – doctrine followed by practice. What we know and believe, leads to what we do.

Go in for the good life!

  • Let your conduct match your creed, your deeds your doctrine and your belief be matched by your behaviour.
  • Prepare your minds. Think first, then act. Be controlled.
  • Make sure you know where your hope is.

Three Distinct Calls:-

What would expect God’s family to be like?
A new model for living. “Be Holy, for I am Holy”
Live up to what you are. Be what God has made you. Express this through your hands and your feet.

Reverential fear – an awesome regards, a proper regard, a due regard for all that God has done.
Call on God as Father.

Brotherly love -The real thing, from the heart. Deep, ferverent.

Grow up in Salvation
Get rid of certain things

  • malice
  • envy
  • hypocrisy

Nourish your spiritual life – study the Bible.

1 PETER 1:13 – 2:3 – The Good Lif